Daily Devotions

Bible Reading: It is a widely followed practice for Episcopalians, on a daily basis, to read the three selections from the Bible that are suggested in the Prayer Book Lectionary or schedule for each day of the year. These readings are listed on pages 936 to 964 for year one of a two year cycle (Dec. 1st, 2002 to Nov. 30th, 2003). You can purchase two cloth bound books of year one readings from the Church Publishing, INC by calling 1-800-242-1918 for about $40.00 or just look them up daily in a Bible you already own. If you're beginning to read the Bible sequentially for the first time start in the New Testament and NOT the Old Testament and use a modern translation with lots of footnotes to answer your possible questions.

Daily Devotions: Many of our parishioners use FORWARD DAY BY DAY magazine which features a devotion based on the scriptures for a given day. Free copies of one of these quarterly booklets can be found on the green table at the back of the church. You can also read the daily reading on the internet at The Forward Movement.

During Lent and Advent daily devotional booklets are distibuted free of charge to assist us as we prepare spiritually for Easter and Christmas. Many of our parishioners use Daily Morning Prayer that begins on page 75 in the Prayer Book, Evening Prayer which begins on page 113 or Compline on page 127 just before retiring for the night. A first time user of these "Daily Offices" needs to study the italicized directions and to "get used to" them but that comes with time. For internet users you can find all these Prayer book offices complete with daily Bible readings and Psalm on The Mission of St. Clare . After reaching this web site click on "read online". A calendar will come up. Go to the date you want and click on the sun or moon icon according to whether you want morning or evening prayer. Scroll down the left side through the service you have chosen.You can choose to have music as part of your devotions as well as choose the King James Version or a contemporary translation of scripture. This web site also offers a guide entitled "Prayer and Blessing: a method" to help you to learn HOW to pray.

Praying For Others: Each week every parishioner with E-Mail access is sent an updated version of Grace On-Line which includes all the names of those for whom we have been asked to pray. If you wish the congregation to pray for someone or yourself please enter that name in the Prayer Request Book in the Narthex or entrance to the church. Our prayer group, "Servants Through Prayer" meets about every three months and is open to anyone in the congregation. The group discusses the ministry of praying for others, their own prayer lives and concerns and how to foster this ministry in the congregation. This group is also given "confidential prayer requests" and keeps such requests in the strictest secrecy.

Quiet Days: Approximately twice a year we have a Quiet Day on a Saturday. These are directed by visiting or local "retreat leaders" and have time for quiet, reading, prayer, 3 or 4 talks, a meal and worship. The next Quiet Day will be near the beginning of Advent on Saturday, December 10, 2016.

A nearby Episcopal Monastery for both men and women called Llewellyn House (608-874-4495) of the Order of St. Julian of Norwich is located in Eastman WI outside Prairie du Chien. It has two very comfortable guestrooms for private retreats and a very small chapel where five worship services are offered each day. Two Roman Catholic retreat centers also have guest rooms. These include Sinsinawa Mound Center, which is just across the border from Galena in Wisconsin and New Meleroy Trappist monastery just to the west of Dubuque.
Cursillo: This is a Spanish term that can be translated "short course". Every fall and spring Cursillo weekends that are, in effect, short courses in Christianity, are held in the Chicago area for three days. They are open to all in our congregation and are free. Our congregation has numerous persons who have gone on the weekends and who continue to meet weekly for prayer and discussion on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. There is more information at the Chicago Cursillo website Next Cursillo Week-end (CHEC82) will be held in the spring of 2015. Please contact Lynn Giles if you are interested in attending.