Photo Gallery


Deacon Lou Ness

Rev. Gloria Hopewell and Rev. Lou Ness Deacon Lou Ness preached at Grace and talked about her recent walk from Rockford to Washington DC.

Lou Ness with her sword of power (Jenny Kerkhoven on the far left)

A question and answer session in the Parish House (Cathie Elsbree in the background)

Bonnielynn Kreiser, Cathie and Al Elsbree, Carol and Curt Most, and Pete Stryker listening to Lou Ness

Dave and JoAnn Mikelson, Karen and Greg Serwich, Ruth Beegle and Maria Kuntz

Mary Lou Smith, Pam Malak Marian Lubinski in the front parlor (Carmella Cordero's two grandchildren in the background)

Carmella Cordero in the front parlor

From the front parlor Elizabeth Ludescher nearest the camera and Richard Babcock in the doorway A visitor from Chicago with her back to the camera

Deacon Lou Ness answering questions