Photo Gallery


Epiphany Party 2015

This will go down in local lore as the year of the Epipany cake

Alan Oyen with his trusty camera

Mary Lou Smith and Richard Babcock (photo by Alan Oyen)

Carlotte Stryker and Karlyn Van Gelder

Many gathered around the Christmas tree to eat and converse

Elizabeth Ludescher,Rev. Linda Packard and Bonnielynn Kreiser

Karen Serwich and Mary Nelson

The Rev. Gloria Hopewell and Tony Packard

Carmen Ferguson, Carmela Cordero and Donna Davis

Pete Stryker and Tom Van Gelder

JoAnn and Dave Mikelson

Theresa Hannaman using the trusty camera on her phone

Charlotte Stryker, Bonnielynn Kreiser, Carmela Cordero and Donna Davis

Conversation in the parlor

Carmen Ferguson

Len and Diane Banas

Epiphany Blessing

Sandy and her friend

Alan Oyen and Carl Davis

Mary Lou Smith with Greg Serwich and Lynn Giles in the background (photo by Meta Mazur)

Len and Diane Banas, Jim and Nancy Cook

Pete Stryker chalking the door with the Rev. Gloria Hopewell

Karen Serwich cutting the "Epipany" cake

Mary Nelson and Nancy Cook

Mark Rockwell

Dave Mikelson and Carmela Cordero after she found a dime in her piece of cake

JoAnn Mikelson and the Rev. Gloria Hopewell

Alan Oyen, Carl Davis and Greg Serwich