Photo Gallery


It's My Turn

Opening Reception

All these pictures were taken by Diane Banas.

Diane Luther and Mary Nelson (backs to the camera)and Richard Babcock

Delight McCrea and Lynn Giles

Joan and Denton Brown

Karen Serwich

Alice Maffit, Mary Lou Smith and Terri Jackman

Rachel O'Neal with Karen and Brian Lenstra

Lots of appetizers

Pat Terry and Melody Hendricks

Cathie Elsbree, Richard Hess and Maren Coates

Steve Coates and Emily Painter

Carmen Ferguson and Richard Babcock

The kitchen crowd: Mary Lou Smith, Joe Maffit, Alan Oyen, Patricia and Len Banas

Susan and William Bookless

Karen, Jay, Rachel and Ron Stienstra

Lynn Giles and Richard Babcock

Lee Adami and Meg Gibbs

Brian Lenstra and Bill Boehler

Jay Stienstra and Jennifer Kerkhoven

The Opening Reception