Photo Gallery


Mardi Gras 2015

Richard Babcock, Cathie Elsbree and Alan Oyen Thanks to Diane Banas and Alan Oyen for sharing their photos.

Cathie and Al Elsbree

Mary Nelson

Jim and Nancy Cook

Elizabeth Ludescher and the Rev. Gloria Hopewell

Terri Jackman

Dave and JoAnn Mikelson

Al Elsbree, Mary Nelson, Alan Oyen, Nancy and Jim Cook and Teresa Hannaman

Len Banas, Karlyn Van Gelder, Charlotte Stryker, JoAnn Mikelson and Tony Packard

Pete Stryker, Len Banas, Dave Mikelson and Tom Van Gelder

Phil and Terri Jackman making beignets

Diane and Len Banas

Pete Stryker, Richard Babcock (back to the camera) Nancy Cook, Teresa Hannaman, JoAnn and Dave Mikelson and Charlotte Stryker (back to the camera)

JoAnn and Dave Mikelson, Charlotte Stryker (back to the camera), Bonnielynn Kreiser, Tony Packard and Diane Banas (back to the camera)

Tom Van Gelder, Gina, Pete Stryker and Dave Mikelson

Teresa Hannaman and Elizabeth Ludescher

Alan Oyen, Elizabeth Ludescher Teresa Hannaman and Richard Babcock

The Rev. Gloria Hopewell with Nancy and Jim Cook

Alan Oyen and Richard Babcock