Meditation Garden

This very special place for quiet prayer and meditation that is open to all in the community at any time is located on what is the right side of the church as you face the front doors. It has a beautiful wrought iron gothic arch gate at its entrance. Inside the Garden you will find three beautiful benches that can not be seen from the street that are located between the stone buttresses of the church. This affords some sense of privacy for prayer and meditation in a place away from the noise of the street. There are three prayers stations with icons and statues which change periodically. As you enter you will go by a pool of water with a fountain in the center. The sound of flowing water reminds us of our baptism and of God's creation and provides some "white noise" to drown out the sounds of the city far below the hill. The plantings and sculptures have been given by church members to make it a place of incredible beauty as well as quiet.