The Worship Ministries:

Altar Guild is coordinated by Ann Berry and is open to all.
Choir, directed by Pat Terry, practices twice a week and is open to all members of the congregation.
Chalicists serve on a rotating basis and are certified by the diocese.
Lectors serve on a rotating basis after a basic orientation.
Acolytes serve on a rotating basis after a basic orientation. Open to both youth and adults.
Worship Committee meets on a regular basis to plan the liturgy.
Lay Eucharistic Ministers share the Eucharist celebration with home-bound members of the congregation. They are certified by the diocese.

The Vestry is the eight member church council that oversees our finances and property. Members act as greeters and ring the bell on Sunday. Current vestry: Maren Coates (Senior Warden), Pete Stryker (Junior Warden), Diane Luther (Clerk),Len Banas, Georgia Hansen, Pam Malik, Deb Pauzs and Greg Serwich(Vestry Members). Jim Berry is the Treasurer for the Parish.

Vestry Liaisons' primary purpose is to assure two-way communications between the various groups and the Vestry, to represent the groups for resources or policy issues, and to support their events and activities. They are:

Worship: Rector
Building and Grounds: Pete Stryker
Worship Committee: Pam Malik
Formation and Spirituality: Greg Serwich
Fellowship: Georgia Hansen
Pastoral Care: Diane Luther
Outreach: Deb Pausz
Governance: Wardens & Rector
Communications: Len Banas

The Adult Formation Planning Group plans and organizes adult learning opportunities during the liturgical year based on input from the congregational survey. The members are Eleanor Buehler, Mary Folz, Lynn Giles, Elizabeth Ludescher(Chair), Larry Poston,Karen Serwich and Mary Lou Smith. They meet on a monthly basis.

The Outreach Committee plans for local, national, and international projects using outreach funds. The members are: Donna Davis, Steve Dowe, Cathie Elsbree, Carmen Ferguson,Joan Klaus, Tony Packard, Deb Pausz and Karlyn VanGelder. Deb Pausz is the Vestry Liaison. Distributions approved at the beginning of 2015 include: support to Glory Parish in the South Sudan and to La Santa Cruz Parish in the Diocese of Southeast Mexico, Camp Casper, the ARC, and Grace & Friends (Grace's Relay for Life team).

The Thrive Team commissioned on January 5 ,2014 consists of Rev. Gloria Hopewell, Charlotte Stryker and Dave Mikelson.

Grace participates in UTO (United Thank Offering) by distributing little blue boxes to parishioners. The donations which are collected quarterly to the Mission Outreach of the Episcopal Church.

The Pastoral Ministries Leadership Team
(Grace Ministry of Care)
Carol Poston, Lay Chaplain
Charlotte Kennedy, Resource Coordinator
Rev. Linda Packard, Priest Associate
Rev. Gloria Hopewell, Rector

Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Food ministry
Card ministry
Prayer ministry

Christian Formation and Education Ministries:

For Children:

The Nursery is open at 10:15 every Sunday with a permanent,trained caregiver, Debbie Houy, for children up to age five. Children of visitors are welcome.

The Worship Center is conducted during the school year to provide Christian education for young children ages five to twelve. They meet with Teresa Hannaman during the Sunday Eucharist at the Parish House and come over to the church for communion.

For Adults:

Aging Gracefully is a five session afternoon discussion group. The most recent series was held in June, 2015 in the Education Room at the Midwest Medical Center, led by our rector, Rev. Gloria Hopewell. As she wrote: "Do you ever wonder about how your life might have meaning when the years of building career and family have ended? Or do you worry about the transitions, effects, and unknowns of aging? Or are you just now looking toward retirement and concerned about what that will be like? If any of these - or other questions apply - please join me in a Monday afternoon discussion from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm I will be drawing on the work of Sister Joan Chittister, Father Richard Rohr, Rev. Margaret Guenther, and other articles and resources I've collected. The series will next be scheduled in 2016.

Bible Study Group gathers for discussion of a biblical topic at the parish house on Wednesdays starting at 10:30 am. Open to all.

An informal Wednesday Morning Group meets every Wednesday morning after the 7:30 am Eucharist at the Victory Café on Main Street

Grace Galena EfM group is on summer break. Seminars will resume on Thursday, September 3, 2015. The four-year course of study, Education for Ministry, promises lively discussion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Contemporary Thought. Central to gathering in community is Theological Reflection – where “God talk” meets everyday life, and where students discover their ministry in the world. While the course of study is four years long, students need only commit to one year at a time. If interested, please contact the office for more information.

Centering Prayer Group meets in the chapel at 9:00 am on Friday.

The Arts Council is described in the Arts Council section of this website.

The Servants Through Prayer pray in an intentional way for individuals on the Grace Prayer List and meet on a quarterly basis. The prayer group is open to anyone in the congregation. The group discusses the ministry of praying for others, their own prayer lives and concerns and how to foster this ministry in the congregation. This group is also given “confidential prayer requests” and keeps such requests in the strictest secrecy. There is a Request for Prayers notebook in the narthex/entry to the church.

The Yarn Ministries are small groups of volunteers who knit or crochet prayer shawls, hats, mittens and scarves for those in need. In December 2014, they gave away many boxes of winter wear through the Galena Food Pantry and through Shelter Care Ministries in Rockford, Illinois. The group is on summer break. Knitting sessions will resume at noon on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at the home of Richard Babcock (Call Richard Babcock at 779-214-0120 for more information)

Several AA Groups which meet in our Parish House - Monday at 10:00, Tuesday at 7:00 and on Wednesday at noon. An Al-Anon group meets at the same time as the Tuesday night AA group but in a different location in the building.


Grace Church regularly gives donations of Food and paper items to the Galena Food Pantry that is open from 1-4 each Thursday at the Galena State Bank.

We have supported Heifer International as a Christmas project since 2002. During Advent, donations are made in honor of friends and family as Christmas gifts. Checks are made out to Grace Church and Lynn Giles has gift cards reading "The gift of a (insert selected animal)has been given through Heifer International in your honor by ______. May this gift bring you joy as it brings hope to a hungry family."