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Recently, I make arrangements for the identification of a second-hand luxury goods introductory training, originally planned to recruit 20 people, did not think the information sent out twelve days, applicants to the full. Floundering everyone's enthusiasm, culminating in the case of early closing reception for 40 people. Many of whom came from outside expertise, we can see people now have much interest in luxury goods identification.

Most applicants, one of the purposes is to see her friends get designer bags is true, two to purchasing their own Internet scouring the sea, but also the hearts have a bottom, three to the next party chat, talk to friends about talk about the topic of true and false identification luxury, absolute high-end atmosphere on the grade.

Of course, these are just superficial consumer demand. Activity partners Japanese luxury Association's main task is to develop a luxury appraisers, which is not able to learn a lesson, take quite some time to in-depth study and practical exercises to master. In fact, this association was founded three decades, only cultivate less than 4000 luxury appraisers, on average, less than one year 100. Said appraisers are luxury luxury luxury goods industry, too.

In recent years the domestic luxury consumption blowout, second-hand luxury goods stores are once more up, do not say north of Guangzhou, many medium and small cities also have a second-hand luxury goods stores, second-hand luxury goods stores want to open a person is not unusual .

But such domestic and foreign stores are still very different. The first is the goods, the domestic second-hand luxury goods are generally popular in recent years new. While Japan's second-hand store ten to twenty years ago, you can see a lot of style. In Japanese, "used" as "Middle Ages", the word appears to be a very appropriate.

Why is there so much in Japan, ten or twenty years ago, "medieval" luxury sell out? This is natural and strong Japanese economy was about - then have no place to spend the money, like the Japanese, like the Chinese people now buy a lot of luxury. Even today, one less than the heap at home, the second is not very economic boom and the third is the use are used, then the unused Nachulaimai the bar. As for the price, this is a truly a "cabbage price."

In the training, as a lecturer in Japanese Luxury Association China Minister Li mentioned that spend less than 10,000 yen to buy at auction 10 fake Louis Vuitton purse. Heard this anecdote, the scene is not expected to surprise came screaming, but only a cold laugh: "LV pretty luxury it?" Difficult to imagine, even close to really go to Japan on a year of such second-hand luxury goods, may not have much domestic appreciated person. After all, conspicuous consumption is still the mainstream, out of style, nobody knows, want to come will be very embarrassed.

It is said that Japan is now the young people do not love to buy a new luxury goods, they love to buy Cuban goods, one deal, two is a culture, then perhaps a luxury not now so commercialized, and more stories to tell. Of course, this is also the "experience of life" after only some insights, for the people, too early.

Then the domestic second-hand luxury shops of the actual situation happen then? I look at the franchise's second-hand luxury goods traded company listed on the Hong Kong Annual Report 2012 Milan station, a lot of information is very interesting. For example, the Milan station sales 98.3% from handbags, unused product and used according to product category, accounting for 57% of unused, used only 43%. From the above two data is easy to conclude: There are most of the fake bags are not used to the back, is used to cash.

And then divided by product sales prices, 10,000 Hong Kong dollars less than 26%, from 1 to 30,000 Hong Kong dollars (18%), 3 to 50,000 Hong Kong dollars only 6%, while more than 50,000 Hong Kong dollars reached 50%. Look at the list price: Chanel 2.55 handbag although mid-price, but even domestic counter price has yet to more than 45,000 yuan, so most of this section fake bags priced at 30,000 Hong Kong dollars or less, and less than 2 million Hong Kong dollars majority. As for the range of HK $ 3-5 million, had very little in luxury handbags in this price segment. Australia is the same exaple, where you can find UK authentic Louis Vuitton Outlet sale online. Able to sell more than 50,000 Hong Kong dollars, in addition to the Herms Birkin and Kelly outside, that some rare leather product or limited edition products. 2012 Milan Station selling price more than 50,000 Hong Kong dollars of goods sales to 336 million Hong Kong dollars, the average told, number of transactions up to 6000. According to another estimate, Milan station may occupy 85% of Hong Kong's second-hand luxury goods market share, in the absolute monopoly.

To acquire sufficient goods, Milan Station's business model is to cash receipt. This is the authenticity of identification of goods made high demands, but fortunately Milan station owner Yiu Kwan Tat was originally made fake origin, identify fakes mention. From Japan Brand Off is the same model, the direct receipt to obtain a relatively low price, at the time of sale will be able to obtain greater margin than the consignment. In fact, Japan's second-hand luxury goods in circulation pattern has been formed around the country will participate in second-hand shops within the industry to purchase the auction, without going through their own stores receipt.

However, due to the Mainland and Hong Kong to the new second-hand luxury goods are mainly into the cargo and shipping difference is not large, but even more than its gross profit sales agent of new shops. According to the 2012 Annual Report of Milan Station, only 21% gross margin, gross profit margin even more than this, but hypermarkets. Remove all kinds of overhead, Milan stood in 2012 a loss of 13.9 million Hong Kong dollars, the stock is listed on the beginning of 2.6 Hong Kong dollars from all the way down so far 0.4 Hong Kong dollars.

So in the end the business of second-hand luxury goods stores should be how to do? I remember last year, own domestic luxury consumer tastes change summary: "more money tasteful can be customized to give more money missing grade limited edition, tastefully understated luxury less money, less money to continue logo missing grade wait. "For the domestic second-hand luxury goods industry, which applies equally - pinpoint their customer base is the key.